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The articles in this section will explain all of the required steps to deploy DCT on your container platform of choice.

Data Control Tower is a container-based architecture that is currently certified with Kubernetes and OpenShift to align with common enterprise container standards. The DCT architecture is comprised of multiple micro-services that are each run on individual pods. This lends DCT to be a highly flexible deployment by enabling customers and IT organizations to enact their own backup, scaling, and resiliency standards associated with hosting container-based applications. Below is an architectural diagram of all the services that make up DCT, as well as the persistent storage for maintaining relationship metadata.

DCT is multi-cloud enabled, which means that a single DCT instance can be deployed to orchestrate (via HTTPS) Continuous Data and Continuous Compliance workloads with Delphix Engines located in other networks. Alternatively, DCT can be localized to engines located within a network. DCT is a lightweight management application, which means that it does not require a highly performant connection to complete its work, and can serve as a central management layer for Delphix Engines globally.

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