New Features
  • 08 Mar 2023
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New Features

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What is Data Control Tower?

Data Control Tower (DCT) is a unified data management platform used to enable API-driven DevOps workflows with Continuous Data and Compliance, and centrally manage the entire data estate for all Delphix users. The core of DCT focuses on a centralized, container-based deployment architecture with a robust API library that enables automation and management across multiple Delphix Engines. The DCT container form factor allows users to self-host on their preferred public or private cloud environment.

In addition to APIs, DCT offers a central management User Interface to visually surface curated inventories of its connected ecosystem (engines, dSources, VDBs, etc.) as well as insights in the form of reporting dashboards.

4.0 Release

  • Environment Overview List
  • Unvirtualized Source Sizing Report
  • Global VDB Templates
  • Scoped Access Control


  • LDAP/AD and SAML/SSO Configuration UI

3.0 Release


  • Cluster Node (RAC) management APIs
  • Ability to disable username/password authentication globally
  • LDAP/Active Directory groups
  • CDBs/vCDBs APIs
  • VDB Provisioning / update for EDSI (AppData) platforms


  • Engine registration wizard
  • Access groups
  • Compliance engine page

2.2 Release



  • Registration of Continuous Compliance Engines
  • Masking Connectors
  • “Move Masking Job”
  • Masking of mainframe objects
  • Provisioning enhancements for Oracle multi-tenant and RAC
  • LDAP/Active Directory authentication
  • Password management
  • Initial access management by Permissions, Roles, Policies, and Access Groups (permissions applied to all objects of a type e.g. Stop VDB permission on all VDBs)
  • Distributed tracing and logging (Trace ID propagated down call stack)
  • Bulk delete of tags


  • Continuous Data
    • Added tag support to the Infrastructure page
    • New dSources page
    • New VDBs page
  • Insights
    • Added an export behavior to the Storage Summary report
    • New dSource Inventory report
    • New VDB Inventory report
  • Admin
    • New Accounts page

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